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Skating Academy Manglore, India

Devahamsa Roller Skating club (R) founded by Mangalore’s first skating coach Mrs.Suman Srikanth , offers a unique experience of combining fitness and fun. From 2002 this club has been efficiently grooming and harnessing young talent in the skating arena. Children as young as 3 year olds have started their skating journey here.The club provides a platform to learn,have fun while learning and simultaneously grooms the children to compete in national and international events.

Benefits of Skating
Stress Reduction – Skating is a great way to alleviate back-to-school stress, and it provides a welcome distraction from everyday worries. With a calmer mind comes improved sleep – a bonus for students of any age.

Endorphin Release – Endorphins, the chemicals produced in the body during vigorous exercise, offer a natural way to regulate mood and to generate a feeling of well-being.Read More »


Achivement Details